Benelli Breast Lift

The Benelli raise is a breast raise designed specifically for girls that have small or medium breasts with moderate ptosis or sagging. It is less invasive than the conventional .

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Benelli vs. Traditional Breast Lift. The Benelli approach, also every now and then called a “donut lift,” involves an incision around the outdoor of the areola in a donut.

A Benelli mastopexy refers to a technique of pursestringing the outer dermal.

Mastopexy augmentation (breast carry surgery) is a complex surgical procedure, so much so.

Benelli Breast Lift approach. Cosmetic surgery overseas · All news · Types of plastic surgical treatment · Benelli Breast Lift method. This method is not.


This surgical operation is considered less invasive in comparison to other styles of breast lift surgical treatment. The Benelli mastopexy incision is made near the areola. With the Benelli .

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Benelli (Donut) Breast Lift Provides Great Results with the Smallest Incisions. The Benelli method entails an incision across the outside of the areola, in a.

The Benelli Lift, also referred to as donut mastopexy or concentric raise, is a less competitive breast raise procedure suitable for smaller and medium sized breasts.