Best Backless Bra For Saggy Breasts

Best strapless bra for sagging breasts

Finding the best strapless bra for sagging breasts that does not fall off can be difficult, especially if you have saggy breasts or sweat a lot. However, there are a few brands that actually make strapless bras that stay put.

If you’ve ever gone through the awkward process of measuring your bust—or, even more awk—discovering you’ve been wearing the wrong size your whole life, then you know a good bra is hard to find. That goes double for a good strapless bra and triple for a good strapless bra that supports big boobs.

Too often, a strapless bra seems great at first, then the slipping and sliding starts as soon as you move an inch, breathe too much (???), begin to sweat, or (gasp) dare to bend over. And that problem is exponentially more likely if you have big boobs since, without the extra grip straps provide, there’s not a lot happening to help you defy gravity.

What exactly do your big boobs need the best strapless bra for sagging breasts? For one, cups that are ample enough to provide coverage with zero spillovers, and two, a technical design that lifts and holds your breasts up all day and all night. And just because you’re blessed in the chest area doesn’t mean this comfortable and supportive strapless bra needs to be frumpy, dowdy or overly glitzed out with lace and rhinestones style that’ll poke through your top.

best strapless bra for sagging breasts
best strapless bra for sagging breasts

Many women are not comfortable going braless. However, if you don’t want the discomforts that come with bra straps, you can wear a strapless bra. The only problem is that most strapless bras do not stay put, even if you have small breasts.

Finding a good bra, in general, is challenging for a woman with an XL bust (I’m talking past a DD cup), but finding a good strapless bra was downright impossible—until now. I’ve done the heavy lifting and tested strapless bras from a series of reliable full-bust bra brands. In the end, I found four brands that truly understand what my 34I bust needs to stand proudly on its own.

We’ve finally accepted that we do in fact, need to wear real bras sometimes. Although we thought we’d never depart from the comfy bralettes that held us down during quarantine, we’re excited to find some great bras to hold our girls up. For most of us, the hardest bra to shop for is usually the strapless one. Some fit too tight, while others make yours look saggy and others create gaping that shows under your tops.

But we won’t settle for that any longer. Even if you can’t shop in person, you deserve a strapless bra that’ll make you feel secure and confident. According to celebrity stylist Erin Noël, the qualities of the best strapless bra for sagging breasts is it’s “seamless for a smooth look under the garment, and there’s underwire for support and lift, and padding to prevent any peekaboo moments.”