Duct Tape Breast Lift Youtube

So why do girls put bra inserts in their Duct Tapes so often? Is it because they want to look like a nurse or because they want to hide a certain part of their body? Maybe it’s both, and I will talk about that as well. But first, let me explain the Duct Tape Bra very briefly.

Duct Tape Bra

A duct tape bra, as I’m sure you’re aware, is a bra/underwear insert that is made out of duct tape. It’s usually used for pasties, because it’s cheap and easy to obtain. The problem with the pasties is that they tend to be uncomfortable and of course, this makes them bad. There’s some kind of sticky tape that does exactly what you’d want to do- try wearing pasties?

Now a couple of years ago I had a question about this very matter. Why would someone put a medical tape bra on? And I was given a couple of answers by both women and men. The first one was that it was more comfortable than wearing a real t-shirt. And the other answer was that it hid parts of the body that plain shirts didn’t.

So if that’s the case, how come the medical community uses this stuff? Well, the answer isn’t that complicated. We all need to save money these days and that’s why most hospitals, clinics, and private medical practitioners use duct tape. They also use pasties, because they’re cheap and comfortable. A woman might need to cover her breast with a pasty bra, depending on how big it is, how tight the fitting is, and if she has a history of skin allergies. Some women also have an aversion to medical tape and would prefer to be completely covered from head to toe.

Doctors have several bra options that they can prescribe for patients. One of those is a compression bra. These are extremely cheap and don’t require a prescription. A compression bra works by applying gentle pressure to the chest area and in turn compresses the tissues, tightening them up. The same principles that apply when wearing a pasty bra apply to the compression bra as well.

Other types of bras that doctors may prescribe are the backless bra, which also compresses the breast tissue but does so without the use of duct tape. A backless bra goes around the back and up to the front. It doesn’t have breasts, but it’s still considered a bra, because it supports the breasts. This type is recommended for post-natal and breast cancer patients because of its therapeutic benefits.