Lifting Bra Tape

Lifting bra tape, also known as boob tape,  is one of the most common tricks that is used by many girls for various reasons. If you are planning to tape your breasts, you will want to read these breaking-through tips so that you can achieve your goals and minimize the risks of pitfalls.

Why are you taping your breasts?

The first possible reason is to lift and reduce the bouncing and movement when you are not wearing a bra. As we know it, not wearing a bra has certain benefits for your breasts such as shaping, bloodstreams, etc.

Taping to flatten your chest can also be the reason. It is usually used for dancers or other active doers to reduce the movement of the breasts. Or, it is also a great trick for the cosplayers who want to wear men’s clothes.

Taping your breasts can also create a wonderful cleavage of your body. For women who have small breasts, this trick can give a boost to your breasts.

But in this post, we are going to focus on the lifting bra tape tips.

Before shopping around, it is important to choose the type of tape for taping your breast. There are many lifting bra tape products sold in the market out there but not all of them are created equal.

Chances are you find tons of options which can be overwhelming to choose. To narrow down your list, you could check the type of tape of the product first.

The surgical tape or medical tape is the characteristic that you will want to find in the particular Lifting Bra Tape product. But don’t choose the ones with paper kind material. The medical tape usually comes with good adhesive with the flexibility you need.

The other recommended type of tape is sports strapping tape or cloth tape. The cloth lifting bra tape usually comes with great flexibility and a high level of comfort. It is a great choice since you can wear these for hours without having too many problems.

Both cloth tape and medical tape are good options because they are designed to be comfortable and safe to use for your skin. So, when you apply them directly onto your breast skin, you don’t need to worry.

Some girls use duct tape because it is far cheaper than the latter. Well, you can do it with discretion. It might go well for short-time uses. But if you have sensitive skin, the duck tape can be the least you want since it will trigger irritations and other skin disorders.

Focus on lifting bra tape which is made of breathable cloth material as it is cooler and more convenient. This kind of tape is far better because it won’t betray you with the sweaty stuff when you use it for outdoor activities.

When you are not wearing the bra, it can be inconvenient when the pair is moving around. Taping your breasts with the right product is the best way to lift and reduce the movement when you wear certain outfits which ban your bras. While some women do not have many choices but leaving their breasts moving around, you can always have the option to lift them with the help of the Lifting Bra Tape.

Therefore, you will feel confident and convenient although you are not wearing the bra for a long time. The adhesive no-bra products have come to the market. And you will tend to go for better results with these options.

The most popular models are stick-on bras and breast lift tape. There is a huge difference between them. Stick-on bras do not come with tape. In common practices, the users will need to use glue to stick it on the breasts. But you know how the glue works. It is not for all skin. Not to mention that the low breathability of the stick-on bras can make the wearers not convenient all the time. If you are going to wear the particular braless outfit for hours out there, do not use stick-on bras. It is much better to use breast lift tape because it does not come with glue.

To wear Lifting Bra Tape, you must practice first before doing this for attending an event or other occasion. For many women, Lifting Bra Tape can be a bit daunting task for the first time. Well, practice makes it better. You will nail it!

The good thing here is that you can find the Lifting Bra Tape specifically designed for the “lifting” purpose. The ergonomic design of the tape is not only convenient for your breasts, but also hides your nipples well. In common models, you will notice that there’s an extra pad under the tape to hide the shape of your actual nipple.

Each model might have different ways to apply.

So, consider reading the instructions first before applying. Each product could have used different types of adhesive and ingredients. It does not hurt to test first by doing a small patch first to see how it will react to your skin. Take a test to the hairless part of the skin so it won’t hurt when you pull them off.

Keep your skin dry before applying the tape on your skin. Obviously, using oil, moisturizers, or other beauty products is not a great idea since it will hinder the stickiness of the tape for your skin. The adhesives can become loose if you put some lotions on your skin.

Clean and dry the skin before applying any Lifting Bra Tape on it. If necessary, you could rub that part with the alcohol.

Removing the residue of the tape

When not using the Lifting Bra Tape, you will get it off. But then, you will notice the sticky residue on your skin. Some products are just gone by simply washing your breasts with mild solutions. But some products use high-intense adhesive so that you need to get rid of it with some baby oil.

If the cleaner oil does not work, you could try safe solvents like polish remover for the nail. If you have sensitive skin, be careful when using those solvents.